Safe Rooms

Alexander Structures has been designing residential and commercial structures made of log, conventional lumber, steel, concrete, and structural insulated panels (SIPs) since 2002. With some of those structures clients have asked for rooms, basements, or whole houses designed to withstand loads above and beyond that required by their local building official or the International Building Codes.

Culminating on this experience and personal interest, Alexander Structures also wants you to know that we can design and engineer safe rooms, bunkers, or storm shelters – should you be inclined to add such an amenity to your new or existing house/building. Since typical building codes do not cover the design of such shelters we use Department of Defense publications, unclassified military documents, FEMA guidelines, ICC/NSSA 500 (National Storm Shelter Association Standards), and personal experience and testing, to ensure a safe design.  Rooms can be as simple as CMU (cinderblock) walls and a steel-plate ceiling in your existing basement, or as complicated as a multi-family, fully-stocked, NBC fall-out shelter with multiple entrances and escape routes.  Safe room engineering and design principles may also be applied to commercial structures such as banks, medical facilities, cash checking outlets, high profile law firms, security agencies, or law enforcement buildings.  The design can provide a safer structure for design situations not addressed in typical building codes, such as resistance to projectiles/bullets, explosions, moving vehicles, or uninvited personnel.

Alexander Structures, LLC is also works with various proven vendors to provide all the training, skills, and equipment necessary for your safe room or building.  Some of these services and products include:

  • Back up or full power systems including generators, solar, and wind
  • Strategic floor plan designs
  • Residential and industrial security consultations and products
  • Weapons training/consultation and procurement
  • Special equipment considerations
  • Home defense training
  • First aid and emergeny medical training


The design, location, and clients/businesses who have safe rooms are kept confidential unless otherwise required by law.

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